Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pretty Baby

I can feel your emptiness, I can see it behind those eyes
Just waiting for the one who understands
(Someone who understands)
Though I'm not like the rest
I'm invisible because you're blind
Jaded and blinded to a chance
(To take a chance with me)
Ohhh, oh pretty baby
Ohhh, oh pretty baby...
-- Eric Benet

I was on some ole BULLSHEEEET about this last CD of Eric's...Hurricane.

I have no clue why I was feelin' some level of solidarity with Halle's frigid ass, but man...I think I was jive boycottin' his CD.

On some subconscious shit, methinks.

I can't take this shit off of repeat now though.

Not to mention, he's fine as ALL outdoors, ya heard?

I want to put a hickie on his neck.

Yeah, I said it. I got a thing for necks.


I fucks with Chris Cooley.

Sexy, big-legged white boy.

And neveryoumind that he's 24. I told you I like the slender-tender young things.

Did you see that Jethro (big country white boys) break three tackles for the TD on Sunday? Reminded me of the Juggernaut...bitch.

I'd give him some. But I wouldn't suck on his pee pee.

Cuz from the look of those practice short-shorts, shoulda been dick all out the bottom of them jernts.

SHOULDA being the operative and essential term here.

I'on see no dick though. You?

And if you're a nigga, and you just looked. I'm not saying that you're gay.

But that was some gay'ish shit right there. You s'posed to take my word for it on that one.

*blank stare*

I had a taste for some indigestion tonight, so I rode up to Mickey D's after midnight, and asked for a Filet-O-Fish.

We no have no fish.
Wait...you don't have any fixed?
No. No fish.
Well...that's what I want.
We no have no fish. No fish cooked.
Um...then perhaps you should cook me one, eh?


Yes, ma'am. We cook. One minute.

Got home, and all I could remember was Joe Clair's standup on Def Comedy Jam last week. Talkin' about he don't accept any type of creamy food from a gay food server.

And I'm not sayin' that Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez was gay.

I'm just sayin' there was creamy shit on my sammich.

...and I'm hungry.



Blogger Amadeo said...

Orale!!! I didn't look...I actually raced past it before I got to that sentence anyway.

December 04, 2006 10:50 AM  

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