Tuesday, September 05, 2006

When Sly Calls

When Sly calls
It's tit for tat
When Sly calls
It's rat eat rat
The sky falls
The signal fades
I lock the door and shut the shades
And contemplate the crystal blue familiar funk I'm plunged into
When Sly calls...
-- Michael Franks

I was talking to my best friend this weekend, and she had me cracking up about our old friend, Lisa. Good ole Lisa.

We've been friends since '81, and Lord knows, I love that girl.

But I can count on one hand the times that she has called and there wasn't something HORRIBLY wrong in her world.

I can count those times on one hand, and have three fingers left. Thumb not included.

I have never met someone so stimulated in the minutiae of the universe that it completely converts her personal orbit into a counterclockwise simulation, hurling her deeply into the abyss of...


Mad cuz her brother-in-law turned on the television in her home's "Media Room."

His grown , 40+ ass was s'posed to ASK her first.

Don't touch that phone! Don't touch that phone!

She caused a major rift between our friendships back in the late '90's because she felt my best friend "bit" off of her hairstyle.

I mean, and this was some major shit to Lisa. She was doing round-robin calls all week...I'on know. In an attempt to get her to change her hair?

Still haven't figured that one out.

Don't touch that phone! Don't touch that phone!

Nowadays, she's bellyachin' about her girlfriend who is "copying" all of her home design ideas, and transforming her house into the Marlo's version of Lisa's very own palatial abode.

I mean...what can you say to shit like that?

I'm inclined to ask her if she's serious every time I talk to her. But she doesn't seem to appreciate my insouciance.

Oh well.

After the rain
The sun will shine again
After a cloudy day
Your heart...will find
A better place
A better space...
-- Davina

It's apropos that's it's raining today.

I couldn't have imagined a more fitting backdrop.

I can't even cry, cuz yanno...what did you expect?

Did you really think that things would be different?

You can never show your vulnerability. Ever.

It leaves an indelible footprint on those who would seek to exploit it.

It only takes a half an hour to
Do something that you can't undo
It could change your world...
-- Mint Condition

Nina can actually get ready to go ANYWHERE in an half hour now.

Now, you might not think that's much of an accomplishment, but you'on know Nina.

Nina couldn't get ready under an hour, hour & ten minutes to save her LIFE.

Between the hair, face, precise ironing, and moisturization...that shit was takin' time.

I stood in front of the mirror and had a little convo with myself recently. It went a little something like

Bitch, you only have one face
One ass
Some hair
Two feet
And you ain't that ashy
Stop bojanglin' and get your ass out the door

...and I listened.

30 minutes or less, I'm out the door now. Got the shit down to a science. And I don't skimp on flyness either. I still be fine.

But I'on feel like breaking my formula down right now.

This is your life
Not a game that you play
It's your life
And you're throwing it away...
-- Norman Connors

Time to get serious.

They gotta go.

But I love them so.

You need to
Get up right now
And move with this
-- Talib & Mos

I hear you.


Blogger Amadeo said...

That last one hit me right in my pleasure spot. I hate to take space, but I gotta share this:

Frasier: Now, Bebe, tell me, what is so wonderful about smoking?

Bebe: Everything! I like the way a fresh firm pack feels in my hand. I like peeling away that little piece of cellophane and seeing it twinkle in the light. I like coaxing that first sweet cylinder out of its hiding place and bringing it slowly up to my lips. Striking a match, watching it burst into a perfect little flame and knowing that soon that flame will be inside me! I love the first puff, pulling it into my lungs… little fingers of smoke filling me, caressing me, feeling that warmth penetrate deeper and deeper until I think I’m going to burst! Then… watching it flow out of me in a lovely sinuous cloud, no two ever quite the same!

But I gotta quit...

September 05, 2006 1:23 PM  
Blogger Nina MM said...

Ooooh...I love it. She put words to the sycopation of my inhalation. Thanks for sharing that...but yes, we gotta let 'em go. Don't know we're gonna do it, but we gotta find a way.

September 05, 2006 1:34 PM  
Anonymous o said...

Wait, so you've used irascible and insouciance in posts. Damn, you should have your own review course for Graduate Examinations.

And about your girl, how are you friends exactly? She seems so, ummm, un-you. I guess 25 years is a long time to be knowing somebody. I'm sure she's got other traits you didn't mention. But "copying my hair?" Do people really worry about stuff like that?

And of course I can't get away without at least mentioning that being vulnerable can be as rewarding as it can be scary and painful.

September 21, 2006 12:34 AM  

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